5 things you must know about breast implant exchange surgery.

5 things you must know about breast implant exchange surgery.
5 things you must know about breast implant exchange surgery.

Implant exchange surgery refers to the replacement of new breast prosthesis in patients that were submitted to a breast augmentation surgery in the past.

1.-When is it necessary to remove breast implants.

Dissatisfaction with the size of the implant
Folds and creases, displacement, asymmetry or rotation of the implant
To improve the look from a fake appearance to a more natural look
The rupture of an implant
Capsular contracture with pain or deformity of the breast
Combined with a breast lift, when the shape of the breast and elasticity of the skin naturally changes.
When the patient has an older generation implant, that needs to be replace with the newer models.
As an indication for radiation treatment of breast tumors
Important affections to body weight
For patients who undergo massive weight loss surgery.
Changes in the development related to pregnancy or lactation.
After complication derived from the first surgery.

2.- Warning signs and symptoms that might indicate a problem with your breast implants:

Hard lumps or bumps surrounding the implant or armpit
Change or reduction of the size or shape of the breast or implant.
Pain and burning
Swelling, numbness or hardening of the breast months or years after recovery.
The rupture of an implant

3.- Types of implant rupture:

Intracapsular Rupture: When the prosthesis has ruptured and the silicone material remains within the capsule

Extracapsular Rupture: When the prosthesis has ruptured and an amount of the silicone material has trespassed the natural barrier, which is the capsule the patient develops around it. There could be isolated silicone in the breast of even the armpit, specially if the prosthesis is older and was rupture years ago without replacement

Prognosis of a Breast implant exchange surgery.

The most frequent reason for undergoing this procedure is mainly to replace an older obsolete implant for a new generation of prosthesis, the outcome is pretty much always great. There are rare cases in which a breast lift is combined to reshape the breast or reposition the areola, because of age, weight loss, pregnancies of when a smaller size implant is placed.

If you are thinking of having this procedure we recommend to speak to your surgeon who will determine if you are a candidate and educate you on the subject

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