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Mexico is a great destination for medical tourism. Each year we have thousands of medical tourists that travel to Mexico to have their plastic surgery in this country.
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Plastic Surgery in Mexico

People travel long distances seeking plastic surgery services for a number of reasons: competitive prices, experienced specialists, warm and friendly medical care or high recommendations. All of which you’ll find with Dr. Suarez.

Traveling for plastic surgery to Mexico is a growing and safe trend. The plastic surgery practice in Mexico is carefully monitored by the Mexican association of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery  and in fact, medical services in Mexico are excellent, we have great specialists with a high sense of professionalism and excellent results  as well as an authentic culture.


Your plastic surgery journey could be a breeze with the support of our patient coordinators. Here we help you with all the arrangements for your arrival and lodging. You just book your flight tickets and we take care of the rest.




  • The transportation service picks you up from San Diego Airport and leaves you at the door of CER Hospital. The driver will also take you back to the airport the day of your departure.


Here are some helpful tips for patients traveling to Tijuana Mexico, that will make your Plastic Surgery trip a successful experience. Our friendly patient coordinators will help you gather all the information you need and assist you with all arrangements:

Provide your coordinator with correct and full contact information

Make sure to thoroughly plan your trip

Open communication with our staff is in important

Have your passport ready

Call your bank if using a credit/debit card to pay for services

Inform us if you are under any treatment or medications


Learn how virtual consultation works. Below, the steps after the patient’s arrival (by plane) are explained. Patients are expected to arrive at the hospital at least one hour before surgery for initial preparations. After surgery, the patients are taken back to their hotel and/or the airport depending on their flight schedules.


  • Patients sends pictures to luismd@cerclinic.com.
    The surgeon reviews the pictures and a medical recommendation is sent back, along a personalized quote.

  • The patient and clinic agree on a date for surgery, pre-operative indications and a medical questionnaire will be sent and expected to be recevied back when filled out.

  • Once the date is chosen, the patient must send a deposit to save their date.
    After this, the rest of the information will be sent.

  • The patient arrives, and we can pick her or him up from the San Diego airport and bring the patient to the Clinic, or to the Hotel.

  • After the surgery the nurses hand a very complete and detailed Post-Operative Indications with the after surgery care and prescription.