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Myths about breast implants

Myths about breast implants

Are you considering a breast augmentation procedure? It is perfectly normal to have doubts and concerns about what to do before a surgery; Who will be the surgeon? Where to get the procedure done? etc. But one of the most important questions that arises in most of our patients, is which type of implants would be better to fulfill their needs and desires.

There are a lot of myths about implants, that are the result of a common misconception and fear among women, that directly influences their decision of whether to have a plastic surgery or not.

Here we talk about some of the most common myths that surround a breast augmentation decision:

  • My boobs will look fake

There are many types of implants available for women, usually the breast augmentation patients choose a subtle enhancement by increasing only one cup size. There is no need to go too large or big, if you go to a professional and certified surgeon, he or she will surely recommend the best option of implants and placement that would make you feel comfortable and natural. This procedure seeks to be as subtle as possible, so the change in your breast’s size would not be as drastic if you do not want it to.

  • I won’t be able to breastfeed again

The key of any plastic surgical procedure is an effective communication with your surgeon. If you are planning on getting pregnant and breastfeed your baby, you should tell him or her this information before your surgery so he or she can suggest the best procedure for you to be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation.

  • I will loose the smoothness and softness of my breasts

Advanced new technologies have developed new types of saline and silicone implants that have dramatically changed the way that the breasts feels after surgery, the softness of an implant is almost the same as a natural breast, it is smooth to the touch.

  • A silicone implant is risky and can easily break or deflate

It is not common for an implant to break. Although it is easier for saline implants to rupture than silicone ones, if a saline implants breaks the salt water spilled is perfectly safe for your body so it would not cause any internal damage. If your silicone implant leaks (which is very rare), you diminish the risks if you immediately visit your surgeon to get it removed. 

If you are still thinking about it and you are not quite sure of taking this real life decision, do not be ashamed to call your surgeon and ask all of the questions that may come through your mind so you can have no doubts when you make the final decision for a breast augmentation procedure.

Luis Suarez
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