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 Complications plastic surgery As in all surgical specialties, complications in plastic surgery are avoided by adhering to three basical principles, careful preoperative diagnosis and planning, precise surgical technique, and diligent posoperative follow up. When a complication is preceived, immediate attention and the necessary intervention will assure...

Choosing a surgeon has become a complicated decision previously people had fewer options and it was easier to select who would be the doctor which would make us look beautiful. The truth of the matter is that there are surgeons everywhere, although we review forms, blogs,testimonials, etc; we...

Before and after photographs by LUIS SUAREZ on OCTOBER 29, 2012 by cerclinic The plastic surgery before and after photographs, serve as a point of comparison when choosing our plastic surgeon. First of all we must be aware that not all bodies are equal, as shown in the picture below. Body types  source:deviantart.comAs we can...