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Identity and address of the responsible Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. with address in Diego Rivera #2386 Zona Rio,Tijuana Baja California. C.P. 22010. Mexico Personal Information and Sensitive personal Information that is handled by Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. will collect and process personal identification information, employment...

Tijuana`s avarage  temperature of 70ºF (21ºC) varies with the month and season. Most do not use the taximeter. Taxis from the ruta establecida are quite economical, the Libre (free) taxis charge according to where you are going. Agree on the price before getting into the cab. Fines...

Identidad y Domicilio del Responsable Unidad Quirúrgica CER con domicilio ubicado en Misión de Santo Tomas No.1507 Zona Rio,Tijuana Baja California. C.P. 22010. Datos personales y datos personales sensibles que trata Unidad Quirúrgica CER Unidad Quirúrgica CER como parte de su registro de pacientes y familiares que se relacionen con...