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The perfect bikini for your body type

The perfect bikini for your body type


The summer is here! So maybe you are wondering in front of your closet, trying to pick up the best clothes for the beach.

Laying on the sand, breathing fresh air and getting an awesome tan are the “musts” of the summer season, so don’t waste time worrying about what bikini should you choose.

As we know, all women have different shapes and proportions, is the beauty of being a woman, to have particular characteristics that define our figure.

Don’t be afraid to show the world your body, going to the beach should bring you joy not stressful thoughts.

To help you get rid of that stress of choosing what to wear this summer, we have studied different body types and which are the bikinis that could enhance your specific features. So you can enjoy and celebrate every day under the sun without worries.

Body Shapes

Pear shaped body

If your body is the same type as Tyra Banks (former Victoria’s secret angel) or Jennifer Love Hewitt, smaller from the upper part and bigger from the bottom, and your hips are wider than your shoulders, then you can consider your body as pear shaped.


This type of body is beautiful and feminine, but maybe the main concern for women who are pear shaped is to show too much of their bottoms.

Bikini tip:

Wear a bikini that enhances your upper part. Use a top with an original pattern, design or fabric that catches the eye. For the bottom part, go with something plain and simple.

Banana shaped body

Are you more of a Cameron Diaz type of body? Then your body could be considered as athletic or banana shaped.

If you have fewer curves and more of a straight frame then maybe you worry about not having a feminine figure, and you think you don’t have anything to show off in a bikini.

Banana Shape


Surprise yourself with the enhancement you can achieve with a proper bikini for you. To give your body a more curvy appearance you can choose tops and bottoms that have bold prints or a monokini with strategically located cuts and colors, also the bottoms with ties on the side are recommended to adjust them to your hips.

Apple shaped body

You have a large bust, that sometimes you want to hide. Your other concerns are your wide shoulders and upper body. You can identify with Katy Perry or Jessica Simpson.

Apple Shape

You are the opposite to the pear shaped woman, bigger on the upper body and smaller in the bottom.

Bikini tip:

Go crazy with the bikini bottoms, add ruffles, prints, and ties. Get a plain and simple bikini top to diminish the distractions to your bust.

Hour-glass shaped body

You lucky girl, deserve to show off those curves of yours. You have a balance between your bust and hips and have a small waist. You are a Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe type of girl.

Hour-Glass Shape

Don’t hesitate on showing your best assets, but remember there are some tricks if you don’t want to add more volume to your curves.

Bikini tip:

Go for plain patterns, monochromatic styles and do not choose ruffles or ties on the sides. You can pick a matching top and bottom because you have a balance in your upper and lower parts.

Luis Suarez
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