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The perks of wearing sun protection

The perks of wearing sun protection

Depositphotos_30702649_originalThese have been the hottest days in the year, and is perfectly normal that we all have the constant need of going to the beach, making a splash in the sea or laying in the sand to get a tan.

All the families, from the youngest to the oldest, look forward for their vacations on the most common destination: THE BEACH


If you are planning on doing a family trip or traveling with your friends to an oceanside destination, our recommendation is that you have a checklist, where you will write down all the items you will need on your trip, for example: a towel, an umbrella for the beach, a little cooler, and most importantly SUNSCREEN.

In the recent years getting a tan is not the same as it was a few years ago, now the UV rays are more intense due to climate change and its relation to the deterioration of the ozone layer.

So when you are thinking on having fun and enjoying your vacations freely, you should also think about getting the right sun protection for each member of your family.


The main benefits of wearing sun protection in the beach are:

  • You can be sure that your loved ones are safe of skin diseases like skin cancer.
  • You’ll get a more even and golden tan, and it also will last longer
  • You won’t burn and your skin won’t hurt to the touch
  • No peeling skin
  • No blemishes, redness or sun spots
  • Protection against wrinkles and expression lines

Our suggestion is to buy a sun protection that has the following features:

  • Oil-free (to avoid breakouts)
  • SPF from 30 to 70 (depending on the intensity of the sun rays)
  • Waterproof (so you can go swimming without worries)
  • Protection for UVA/UVB rays
  • If you like to be very active on the beach we would recommend a spray version
Luis Suarez
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