Board Certified Plastic Surgeon LUIS SUAREZ

Luis Suarez M.D. is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Mexico.
He studied med school in Mexico, for 6 years. Then took the national boards for General Surgery which he was accepted at the General Hospital (Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez) in Mexico City for three year as a General Surgeon. He received his diploma and is recognized by the Mexican Board of General Surgery. Then decided to postulate for Plastic Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, were he spent three more years of practice as a plastic surgeon. Received his diploma as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from the General Hospital in Mexico City.

Active member of the following associations:

Number of the board 970

Professional registry id 2597003.Here he has resided for 11 years with patients of different origins

 “International Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons“ (Member ID 37477)


We have two options :

1.Virtual consultation:

• If you cannot make the trip down to see the Doctor personally, you can send me pictures via email and I will consult with the Doctor on your behalf .I will then give you a quote and all of the specifics that are to follow. This quote is complimentary and is also good for 6 months.

2. Physical Consultation:

• Have a consult with the doctor in person. During your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, it is important to bring up any issues that might trouble you about the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to answer your concerns and inform you about the actual procedure and recovery.

Plastic surgery in México is an excellent decision. Mexico is the ideal destination for those who want to receive quality health care, for a reasonable price, up to 50% saving vs. US prices.

The practice of plastic surgery in México is carefully monitored by the Mexican association of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Actually medical services in Mexico are excellent, we have great specialists with a high sense of professionalism and excellent results, as well as an authentic culture, as well as human and warm treatment offered by the same people in Mexico.

Whether you want to practice plastic surgery in Mexico, or other bariatric, Mexico will go on for its location and excellence in service, the ideal destination for medical tourism. Especially I mention the tendency there is of people who gets plastic surgery in Mexico and the large number of success stories in this type of surgery in which most cases are not given promotion and hardly comes to the knowledge of those who may be interested.

We encourage you to report and evaluate the different options offered by our Mexican specialists, especially in the specialty of plastic surgery in Mexico and the actual condition of the country itself our beautiful Mexico.


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