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Mommy makeover is a combination of procedures to restore your shape after pregnancy. The most common surgeries on the mommy makeover are tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction and brazilian butt lift.
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Mommy Make Over

It is common to hear comments like “she got fat after baby”, “she lost figure”. It’s normal to have multiple hormonal and physical changes during and after pregnancy.

Most of the time this changes are in the breasts, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and you can generally be seen in the second half of pregnancy.

Mommy makeover includes different plastic surgery techniques, such as enlarging, breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipoinyeccion.


  • Woman’s breasts increase in size and fullness during pregnancy.
  • During early pregnancy, fat builds up in the breasts.
  • Mammary glands increase in size. At six weeks the breasts have grown significantly even an entire size or more.

Knowing this, that is easy understand that with each pregnancy, your breast loses or gains volume.

Mommy makeover. You must decide if you will have another baby and how soon. If the decision is to look for a pregnancy on the future, you can put breast implants, will have no problem with breastfeeding later.

Breast reduction is recommended if you have decided not to have more children, when you return to breastfeeding, your breasts tend to fall by the changes of pregnancy


During pregnancy, as a result of fetal growth , you can see an increased  in belly circumference  40-50 cm, with the skin stretch, and is common that the body does not return to its original shape and firmness

Regain belly shape  after your pregnancy depends on many factors like:

  • Your genetics, (skin elasticity, body shape)
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Weight gain during pregnancy. (pre baby weight)
  • The body’s healing process.

Mommy makeover. With the need to look and feel good, women today are looking for a tummy tuck to remove excess skin that often occurs in this area, this procedure is used to retrieve the union of your core muscles and remove excess skin.

You can have another baby after a tummy tuck. There is nothing about a tummy tuck to interfere with pregnancy, but is recommended wait 6 months after the tummy tuck surgery is performed. Usually women come after you have completed their family to decide do their tummy tuck.


The skin and muscles can retain its shape in this area most of the time, but can also occur a decrease in tone and volume, so depending on the diagnosis of the plastic surgeon may recommend lipoinyeccion for this area.

Twenty years ago women did not have choice to reverse the effects of pregnancy, and they covered the imperfection of their bodies with clothes. Mommy make over now is a real alternative for the new generation of mothers who are interested in looking and feeling good about themselves.

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