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Commonly a lot of bariatric patients request a body lift after massive weight loss, to get rid of sagging skin in different areas of the body.
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Total Body Lift

Body Lift Surgery is an extremely effective combination of procedures for patients with excess skin resulting from weight loss. Depending on the location of the excess skin, patients may choose to undergo either an upper, mid, or lower body lift.

For patients with significant amounts of excess skin throughout the midsection, lower body, and extremities, a combination of these techniques called full or total body lift surgery may be the best. The options we offer are: Arm Lift, Thigh lift, Circular Tummy Tuck, Butt lift, Breast Lift or Mastopexy.

Is body lift surgery a weight loss tool?

Body Lift Surgery is a re suspension sculpture. It is not an alternative to losing weight or a motivational tool. Losing weight is a coarse tool. Plastic Surgery is better as a refinement tool. Major weight loss after Body Lift can result in further skin sagging.

The best candidates

Patients need to have realistic goals and significant amounts of redundant skin in one or multiple body regions. Individuals need to be in good health, without multiple medical problems, impaired healing, bruising, or bleeding difficulties. This surgery is not suitable for those using Nicotine, for complications are just too great. Those with excessive BMI (Body Mass Index) should consider weight loss options first. The fat inside the abdominal cavity should not be excessive so that the surgery can flatten the abdomen. When lying down, the stomach should not project above the ribs.

Different degrees of sagging can exist around the body. Choosing the type of body sculpture is a balance of compromises; the scar for the excision vs. the benefit of the lift.

What to expect from body lift surgery

The Results of the Full Body Lift Surgery differ depending on the needs of each patient. Generally the abdomen is addressed first with the circular Tummy Tuck or panniculectomy procedure. Circular Tummy tuck involves an incision on the lower abdomen that will extend to the lower back, creating a circumferential incision. Your entire abdominal wall is tightened with permanent sutures, and the excess skin and fat is removed. The procedure continues with the rest of the body parts, and often involves liposuction on flanks and/or lower back.

Body Contouring Surgery can take between 3 to 6 hours per surgery.

Advantages of body lift surgery

The Body Lift Surgery is often an integral part of the treatment plan for bariatric surgery patients or patients who have lost large amounts of weight. The advantage of having the surgery is the removal of large quantities of unsightly, hanging skin, which camouflage the desirable results of the weight loss.

Is body lift surgery painful?

As anesthesia is used, there is no pain during the procedure. A certain degree of swelling and bruising is normal after the surgery. Discomfort is usually easily controlled with medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

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