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With breast augmentation you can get the volume and shape that you've always desire for your breasts. In CER Clinic we offer different types of breast plastic surgery for your needs.
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Why are breasts so important to us? The breast is one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body for what it represents. It also enhances your shape and boosts self-confidence.

Like every plastic Surgery procedure performed by Dr. Luis Suarez, he is famous for his artist like skills. He combines both knowledge and expertise, paying close attention to every detail, for he understands that the female breasts are the most delicate and symbolic female assets. The different options we offer at CER Clinic are: Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Lift , Parenchymal breast reconstruction and more



If you feel uncomfortable with your breasts because of size, sagging skin, neck pain, you’ve had your mammary gland removed or you are just unsatisfied with the overall shape, then you are a candidate for Breast Surgery. Now, how do you know if you are a candidate? Place yourself on professional hands; Dr. Luis Suarez is the Plastic Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, who will give you that younger and firmer look, he will advise you on exactly what you’ll need and what options are best for you.


It is important that you have a thorough and honest conversation with your surgeon during your consultation. Explain your expectations and concerns. By doing so, good communication will allow him to explain in detail the techniques, risks, outcome and recovery process of your surgery.

Before your surgery, the doctor will measure, mark and prepare the area. Such markings will be explained to you once more. General Anesthesia is often applied, although there are cases where epidural will be best. You anesthesiologist will discuss this beforehand. The final decision may vary depending on the patient’s health history.



After surgery is completed, a snug elastic dressing, Brassiere, or band will be provided to you. It should be worn over the treated area to contain excessive swelling and to help your skin fit your new shape. You should wear it for four weeks. Most people can go back to work and social life in about one week. Breast Surgery in Tijuana is your best option!

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