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Virtual Consultation with doctor Suarez is a safe alternative when it is impossible for you to make a trip to your doctors office if the only thing you need is prices of the surgeries that interest you.
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Virtual Consultation


Submitting a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Suarez is a fastĀ and thorough way
to get a quote for the surgeries you want

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Personal information

The patient's personal data and pictures are protected by the privacy statement laws, therefore rest assured that they will not be misused and are processed by professional staff. Learn more.

Select the procedure you desire

Attach/upload pictures

  • Face pictures must be taken from forehead to neck from front and sides angles
  • Breast pictures must be taken from neck to abdomen, from front, sides and back angles and with out clothes
  • Body Pictures they must be taken from neck to knees, from front, sides and back angles and without clothes